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Manhole Covers

Vevor Many GEOs

Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers

Categories :
Communication Design

SubCategory :
B-01 Corporate and Brand identity

Lenovo Many GEOs

Applicant Company:
Pengguin , Hong Kong

Manufacturer :
The Conservancy Association Centre of Heritage , Hong Kong

99designs WW

Design Company :
Pengguin , Hong Kong

Designer :

Manhole covers have never drawn much attention from the public and it is almost impossible to associate them with cultural conservation. However, the Manhole Cover Exhibition can show the evolvement of the cast iron industry in Hong Kong over the last century and the development of the government’s public services. In the main visual design, patterns adopted for manhole covers in Hong Kong are slightly twisted and shifted to create a sense of discordance and tell about the inconspicuous existence of manhole covers in the city and stories that are rarely known.