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Jonathan Ive – products design

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Jonathan Ive is an industrial designer who has never pursued monetary interest. Its distinctive feature is the creation of simple and clear for all devices. This man was inspired by the German design school and the works of Dieter Rams.


February 27, 1967 in a place called Chingford (Essex, London), was born a unique man Jonathan Paul “Johnny” Ive, it was here that his childhood years passed. Throughout his life, he was a big fan of the works of German designer Dieter Rams.

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Dieter Rams is a German industrial designer, who held the position of Brown companies leading designer from 1962 to 1995, and was the brightest representative of the functionalist school in industrial design.

He was an ordinary user of popular products from Apple and did not even guess that the creation of its innovative design Apple, he will be obliged to Jonathan Ive. But who is he and why even Steve Jobs trusted his opinion?

Brief history before Apple

Already in the process of learning designer Jonathan Ive developed and released several personal projects. These developments include “regular” watches and unusual for that time thin phones (now smartphones).

Jonathan designed and created a virtual layout of a unique toilet system that included a bidet, but the customer did not accept the drawings due to the high cost of production of these devices.

Johnny Ive design path

In 1985, he studied modern design and art at the Newcastle Polytechnic Institute (now Northumbria University) and in 1987, he married Heather Pegg, and they had two twin sons.

1989, Jonathan got a job at Tangerine, where he created the design of combs, as well as various plumbing. At the same time, Jonathan works at Apple and becomes a co-owner of Tangerine Design.

Tangerine is an agency for advising on strategic design, creating innovative products and developing strategies for brands.

In 1992, Jonathan finally says goodbye to a plumbing company and and completely dedicated to working with Apple.

There was a moment when the designer almost left the company – he believed that Apple was interested only in profit, and this went against his views on life. The situation was changed by the return of Steve Jobs in 1996, who sought to raise the bar for quality.

It took this person about 5 years to make a revolution, in the customary understanding of design. Further in his career, only rapid rises awaited him.

In 1997, Johnny Ive became vice president of industrial design for Apple Inc. on the recommendation of Robert Brunner and taking his place.

Robert Brunner, an American industrial designer who served as director of industrial design at Apple Computer from 1989 to 1996, is also the founder and current partner of the ammunition design team.

Views on the design of Jonathan Ive

Jonathan has said many times that most see design as a very complex process. He saw in the simplicity and minimalism the main advantages – practicality and style. He adheres to the phrase “less is more” when working on projects.

Jonathan Ive became the creator of the “white” direction in design. It was he who popularized the device in white. And it can be seen in the early works of Jonathan, when he was still studying – all his works were white.

In 1998, he introduced the original iMac. And in 1999, he introduced the Apple iBook, 22 ″ Cinema Display, PowerMac G4 Tower and iSub. At that the philosophy of this designer extended to the quality of products. He never set a goal to make a big profit. Jonathan saw design as much more than just making money.

What makes Jonathan stand out among all?

What can we expect from a person who earns a huge amount of money doing his favorite thing? Being such a famous person, the chief designer of Apple has modesty and secrecy. During the interview, Jonathan often doesn’t answer the journalists’ questions about his personal life.

Jonathan is the only member of the Apple team who Steve Jobs considered not only an indispensable employee, but also a good friend. Despite petty disagreements, their friendship continued to be strong and they could always discuss the problem and find a suitable solution.

Jony is a true professional in design art, almost a legend. I always see in his works echoes of Dieter Rams. In this regard, it is difficult to separate its true feature from the German Rams School

To finally reinforce the outstanding character traits of this person, it is worth remembering one fact: the designer refuses any technical aspects of company management.

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011.

He is often asked about career growth and prospects for the future – Jonathan consistently responds that he is not interested in managing the company or the financial component. This man is the founder of simple design, who directed the development of technology in the other direction.

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