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Guen Lung Tuan

Vevor Many GEOs

Guen Lung Tuan

Guen Lung Tuan

Guen Lung Tuan

Categories :
Communication Design

SubCategory :
B-01 Corporate and Brand identity

Lenovo Many GEOs

Applicant Company:
Piliwu Design, Taiwan

Manufacturer :
Guen Lung Tuan , Taiwan

99designs WW

Design Company :
Piliwu Design . 247Visualart , Taiwan

Designer :
Pili wu、Wamg ying chien、Huang, Hsien-Hsun

The corresponding pictogram patterns of the radicals of the Chinese characters for “water,” “air,” “lou” and “wood” were used as the visual language, and then special printing processing and color matching were used to integrate traditional culture into a modern sensory experience and transmit Guen Lung Tan’s objective of “modern tea tasting adventures accompanied by ancient culture.”