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To be frank, the idea to create a popular capsule hotel (luxury) “9h” was the highest achievement Fumie Shibata. She is undoubtedly one of the most talented designers, but this particular project singled out Fumie among other designers.

In 1994, after Fumie Shibata graduated from the Musashino University of the Arts, she set up her own design studio called Design Studio S.

Design Studio S

After graduating from Musashino University of Arts, Fumie Shibata founded her own design studio Design Studio S in 1994.

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The range of her work was very wide, ranging from designing electronics and medical products with a great emphasis on industrial design to a creative director in a hotel.


The works of Fumie Shibata have received huge recognition worldwide, winning numerous awards, including:

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  • Mainichi Design;
  • Good Design Gold Award;
  • JCD Grand Award;
  • iF Gold Award;
  • DFA Grand Award;
  • Gold Award;
  • Special Award for Culture;
  • Red dot design award.

In 2014, Fumie published a monograph Forms within Forms and at the same time she took the position of professor at the University of Arts Musashino.

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Capsule Hotel “9h”

Among the recent works of Fumie Shibata can be attributed to the development of design capsule hotel luxury “9h”, which was established in 2009.

The time of placement in such a capsule is usually 9 hours and it has a shower, of course, a bed and a TV. During its creation, the designer was inspired by honeycombs, and that is why the wall with capsules resembles a large beehive.

In total, “9h” has nine floors and 125 capsule rooms. And for even greater similarity with the bee house, it was decided to highlight the capsules from the inside with yellow light. For three years, Fumie Shibata has been developing the design of the hotel together with its team from Design Studio S.

For hotel visitors there is high-quality bedding, as well as a Panasonic lighting system, with the help of the control of which you can create a mode that will promote your good sleep.

The name of the hotel was not chosen by chance: usually, when people visit similar hotels, they stay there for no more than nine hours. As a rule, one hour is spent for taking a shower, seven hours for sleeping, and another hour is allocated for rest.

For the first time, Fumie Shibata capsule hotels appeared in one of the Japanese cities in 1979. Since then, their number has repeatedly increased. However, it should be said that outside of Japan, this idea did not receive such popularity, therefore capsule hotels were rooted inside the country. This is not surprising, since you need to have a truly oriental patience in order to live in a room measuring 1x2x1 m. All hotels are arranged in the same way: the capsules are located next to each other in two tiers. The capsule has no door, the exit from it is curtained with a single curtain of cloth or fiberglass.


When entering the room with capsules, everyone takes off their shoes and puts them together with other things in special lockers, which are located separately. Inside the capsule there is a TV and air conditioning. In the common living room you can use the paid Internet, heat up the food in the microwave or watch TV. Toilets and shower rooms are located separately and are shared.

But there are also advantages in capsule hotels: this is a very low cost housing. The main contingent of these hotels – the usual hard workers, working in the metropolis and living in a distant suburb.

In order not to spend several hours a day on the way from work and back, they remove the camera in the hotel, which saves them time and money. And for the weekend they go to their homes for a holiday.

By the way, women almost never get into capsule hotels. This is explained by the fact that they are very noisy and can interfere with a relaxing male rest. At best, women can be allocated one floor, but only on the condition that they will not visit the male part of the hotel.