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Clear lines, simplicity and no complication of form.

You can figure out the country by its design.

as the designer himself said

During his long career as a designer, Fernando managed to gain popularity and create several successful companies, as well as earn a great reputation and a surprisingly large portfolio.

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Biography of Fernando Gutierrez

Fernando Gutiérrez was born in London in 1963. His parents were Spanish. He entered the London College of Printing university, where he studied graphic design. While he was studying, he received a huge amount of knowledge that really helped him in the future.

Fernando Gutierrez graduated with honors and joined CDT Design. Working with design projects got him some valuable knowledge as well and made it clear for the designer in which direction he wants to develop.

In 1993, he co-founded Grafica Studio and worked on various projects, including book publishing, information campaigns and editorial design.

At a certain point, he decides to start his own company. He joined forces with Pablo Martin, forming the company that would eventually become Grafica. That way, he gains even more experience and keeps expanding his knowledge.

Fernando Gutierrez worked for the El País- Spanish newspaper, where he taught art of directing and held daily lectures aimed at a young audience. He also worked as a consultant, creative director of MuseoNacional del Prado in Madrid.

During this period, Fernando Gutierrez creates a lot of projects in a variety of categories.

Having an enviable portfolio at this point, Fernando continued to work and was noticed by the legendary design studio Pentagram. Since the founders were already close to their 50s, they were looking for new, young authors to continue their work.

The selection was strict: the members of the constituent commission talked individually with all the designers, and if at least one of them said: “No,” then the designer could not work for them. After two long years and numerous meetings with the founders of the company, Fernando finally managed to become one of the members.

Fernando Quirarte Gutiérrez is truly a legendary designer that could handle anything. It’d only take you glance at the series of works for Matador covers to see how good he is.

However, cooperation with Pentagram was not all that easy, considering how popular this company was back then.

At first, I was afraid to work there

notes Fernando himself

However, after a couple of years, he got used to everything and came to work every day as if it was his home.

His work in the company was not the ultimate goal of the designerю. In 2006, Fernando Gutierrez Studio was created. He could finally feel himself independent. After that he started to actively participate in exhibitions of works. His company specializes in corporate identity, packaging design, as well as other stuff. The successful development of the studio allowed to get the desired independence, and now he is a successful author of his works.

Today the designer continues to replenish his already extensive portfolio. Graphic design made an invaluable contribution to his life.

A look at graphic design

The designer is inclined to believe that in design everything starts with the printed word. Since he is closely associated with the printed word in his works, Fernando notes that printing is a very important step in the design process.

To the question “How would you describe your style?” in one of the interviews, the designer answered simply and thoughtfully:

This is not what you say, but what you do not say

Fernando Gutierrez

In all his works you can see a clear emotional surge. Fernando does not use a specific font, he is convinced of the need to stay away and therefore does not like the publicity of his personality.

In November 2000, he became the creative director of Colors, an international magazine, a community created for Benetton by Oliver Toscani & Tibor Kalman.

Fernando has his own website. There you can see both the portfolio and find out information about cooperation or ordering a project.

Fernando Gutierrez tends to think that graphics always had a special meaning in his life. He truly believes that graphic design has given him a lot and without it he would be a different person. In addition to working with amazing and unique people, he managed to find out who he is and where he came from.

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It is much more than just a job.

Fernando Gutierrez