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Erken Kagarov – graphic designer

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Erken Kagarov is a Russian designer, art director the studio of Artemy Lebedeva, founder of Imadesign studio and vice president of the Academy of Graphic Design.


Erken Kagarov was born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), in a family of artists. Having decided to continue the dynasty, he went to study at the Art Institute and, having finished it in 1992, moved to Moscow.

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Erken Kagarov: Life and career

The first place of work for Kagarov in the field of design was the advertising agency Gratis. He founded the Imadesign studio in 1994, which lasted until 2010, and in 1999 Erken Kagarov became the head of the creative department of the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design. From 2011 to 2012, he headed the artistic direction of the Perm Design Development Center, and in 2012 he was appointed art director of the Artemy Lebedev Studio. Now Erken Kagarov is also a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the Union of Designers of Russia and a member of the artistic council of the Arch Council of the Moscow City Architecture Committee.

Areas of work

One of the favorite areas of work of this designer is the creation of logos in Braun design. To date, Erken has created about 1000 of them. Many of these works are marked in competitions, some are in private collections, and some are even exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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In addition, Erken Kagarov works hard in the field of experiments with optical illusions. He cooperates in this direction with well-known companies and conducts lectures in different cities of Russia.

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Kagarov makes a lot of effort to develop projects in the field of improvement of the urban environment. For example, he was one of the creators of the Moscow Design Code project, in which developed the rules for the placement of signs, the pedestrian navigation system, etc.

Artemy Lebedev Studio

The main areas of work of the Artemy Lebedev studio, which was founded in Moscow in 1995, are: industrial, urban, graphic design, the creation of navigation systems, websites, pattern design, book publishing and architecture.

At the moment, the studio is one of the main in the field of design in the Moscow region. Now more than 70 designers work in the staff, and the team’s portfolio includes more than 3,500 projects.

Famous works and customers

One of the most famous works of Erken Kagarov, thanks to which he gained fame, was the development of unique inverted logos (shifters) for Moscow in 2011. The author invited his colleagues to develop the Moscow logo, but at the same time the name should consist of two parts MOS and COW, so that the inscription could be conveniently read from left to right and right to left, and the logo was inscribed in a rotated square of 45 degrees. In addition, among the famous works of Erken you can see the design of stores, such as “TasteVille”, Quick Step, Zaryadye Park, the development of street design in some cities and many other works.

Awards and recognition

The prize “Victoria” (from 1997 to 2001) at the competitions “Design. Best work “; 1st place in the contest “Packaging – Star of Russia” (2002); Grand Prix at the Moscow Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee”, where in different years Erken won different places; He took 2nd place at the Moscow International Advertising Festival in 2004; Grand Prix of the Moscow Biennale “Golden Bee-5”; Grand Prix of the International Logo Contest “Tamga-2003” and many others.

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