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Büro Destruct — studio

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The line between art and commercial design

A Swiss graphic design studio called Büro Destruct was founded in 1994 in Burn. Currently, this team includes people like Marc Brunner, Heinz Reber, Heinz Widmer and Lorenz Gianfreda. From first day of operation, BD company kept its boundaries between art and commercial graphic design open, depending on the number and variety of techniques used, which were reflected in projects for clients from various fields.

Small town – big design

In order for this small company to gain international recognition, just a few years of hard work was enough. The essence of what this company is engaged in is an attempt to revise the legacy of the Swiss school of graphic design (50-70s of the twentieth century) and give it a new, more modern incarnation.

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Büro Destruct regularly holds lectures and seminars around the world, and also takes part in various exhibitions. All this allows the organization to maintain the trend of active development during the constant updating and expansion of its contacts in Burn, the capital of Switzerland, in accordance with their motto: “Small town – big design”.
Regardless of who their customers are, be they large agencies, various well-known brands, print publishers, artists, or young companies, BD will develop graphic illustrations for all of them, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Büro Destruct – concept for modern design, illustration and typography

Since 2002, the founders of the company decided to launch a separate, individual project related to the printing house called Typedifferent. Büro Destruct deals with typography, poster graphics, illustration, character design, packaging design, corporate identity and logos, as well as web design, animation and 3D.

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Among their clients there are a lot of well-known names of major brands: Yahoo, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, MTV, Nokia, Swisscom, Nike, Universal Music etc.

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They also published two books: «Büro Destruct II» (2003) and «Büro Destruct III» (2009).