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Artemy Lebedev — Art Director

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Artemy Lebedev was born in the family of professor of philology Andrei Lebedev and the famous TV presenter and writer Tatyana Tolstoy. Parents decided to give the boy home pre-school education, which could favorably affect his character. From childhood, Artemy was fond of creativity. His favorite pastime in the elementary grades was inventing and writing logos for his friends and classmates from the first letters of their names.


At school, the boy studied poorly, skipped classes, and therefore he was often suspended from lessons. He managed to change three Moscow educational institutions. In the late 80s, the Lebedev family moved to America and there Artemy had to study at a local school. A year later, he returned to Russia without parents and became a student in the humanitarian class of a Moscow school. Subsequently, he entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, but he was expelled in his second year. Thanks to this, Artemy became a student of the best designer and graphic artist of Russia Troianker, who managed to interest Lebedev in the design direction.

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Personal life

Everything what concerns his personal life, the designer carefully hides. Questions that are not relevant to his professional activities are not tabled for public discussion. It is known that he was married to the journalist Litvinovich Marina, who bore him a son. Soon the couple divorced, and Lebedev is still single. Rumor has it that after the divorce, the designer became a father three more times, but Artemy himself does not comment on or confirm this information. Once he told, he is the father of 10 children – four girls and six boys. The designer spends his free time traveling and trips around Russia with lectures and master classes.

Artemy Lebedev Studio

“Artemy Lebedev Studio” has existed since 1998, and is considered the first and most productive and well-known design studio in Russia. During this time, the web studio has implemented more than three thousand projects in various design areas. Including it was industrial design, urban, graphic, design of souvenir products, interface design and a large list of other areas. The Crimea logo, a poster of the tourist portal and the metro scheme of St. Petersburg, the design of road signs, a discount cards, the creation of the CD design of the famous Agatha Christie group are just a few of the famous works of the talented designer. The services of the studio are used by such large customers as Euroset, Yandex, Microsoft and other well-known firms and companies for which Artemy and his team create recognizable and unique logos and designs.

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To attract attention to his studio, Artemy often makes loud and provocative statements and even uses a large amount of obscene language in his speech. Due to the lack of political and religious views, Artemy often becomes a member in various scandals. This person is often condemned by Orthodox experts, parliamentarians and ordinary Internet users. There are frequent cases when lawsuits were filed against the designer. Artemy himself laughs at this provocations and considers his scandalous activity an excellent public relations campaign.

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Despite all the difficulties, every year “Artemy Lebedev Studio”, headed by the head, receive prestigious awards. His professional activities are recognized and popular not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. Artemy brought the Russian sphere of design to a high world level.

Awards and merits of Artemy Lebedev

2019: Webby Avards for “Sotheby” website, If communication design avard for the identity of the Russian Premier League, If communication design avard for the periodic table, Big fish for the logo and identity “Platypus”.

2018: Red dot design avard for the logo of the Russian Premier League, Red dot design avard for navigation of the Flacon design factory, Grafis silver avard for the font Lamon, If communication design avard for the site “Timestrip”, If communication design avard for new car numbers, Typeface design avard for font Lamon.

The author of the works: Artemy Lebedev, design studio: Art Lebedev, images with the example of the work can be viewed on the website: and on the Internet.